Heroic Origins: Daredevil

Name:Matthew Murdock                       Alias:Daredevil Profession: Defense Lawyer                 Powers: Heightened Senses Equipment/Weapons: Baton, which serves many functions. First Appearance: Daredevil #1 Continuing with the theme highlighted in the last column, radioactivity, this column will look at one of the oddest forms in which radiation… Continue reading Heroic Origins: Daredevil

Spiderman and Scientific Experimentation

This time around in the assessment of cultural and historical impacts on comics, we look at the impact of scientific experimentation, and the fears of this, on the early stories of everyone’s friendly neighbourhood hero, Spiderman. The origins of this classic Marvel hero are well known, the geeky Peter Parker obtains his powers after being… Continue reading Spiderman and Scientific Experimentation

Villain Spotlight: Scarecrow

Name: Jonathan Crane                    Alias: Scarecrow Profession: Doctor of Psychology/Criminal         Powers: None Equipment: Hallucinogenic fear gas, gas mask Weapons: Scythe First Appearance: Worlds Finest Comics #3 From the results of the poll it has been decided that the first Villain Spotlight will focus on the Batman villain… Continue reading Villain Spotlight: Scarecrow