Captain America: Civil War Film Review

The Captain America month continues with a look at the latest Marvel Studios film, Captain America: Civil War. Opening to widespread acclaim, and having a fantastic run at the box office internationally, Civil War has been called the ‘best Marvel Studios film yet’ by some. To me this seems a fair verdict, as it certainly… Continue reading Captain America: Civil War Film Review


Captain America and Steve Rogers: The Messages Behind the Men

Continuing the focus on Captain America this month, this week’s column looks at what the mantle of Captain America means, and the difference between the meaning of this mantle, and the character of Steve Rogers himself.

Harry Potter: A Bridging of Audiences in Fiction

In the first post to the blog on a subject outside of the comic book world, I have decided to focus on one of the largest literary franchises that has been created, that of the wonderful world of Harry Potter. I remember reading these books and them being a formative period in my childhood, and… Continue reading Harry Potter: A Bridging of Audiences in Fiction