Heroic Origins: The Flash (Jay Garrick)

Name:Jay Garrick                   Alias:The Flash Profession: Student               Powers: Super speed Equipment/Weapons: Fists First Appearance: Flash Comics #1 This month’s heroic origin story will look at the birth of the first ever Flash, Jay Garrick. While there have been numerous holders of the title ‘The Flash’,… Continue reading Heroic Origins: The Flash (Jay Garrick)

The Golden Age of Comics: The Rise of the Superhero

The modern superhero comic has largely been shaped by its own history, and both the rises and falls that followed the comics industry through the 20th Century. The rise of the superhero genre in the late 1930s, and its popularity through to the mid-1950s played the largest role in shaping what would evolve into the… Continue reading The Golden Age of Comics: The Rise of the Superhero