General update

Hello readers, this post is mainly an update on the progress of the blog, as well as an outline of what will be coming soon to the page.

Firstly, an apology for not managing to update the blog on a weekly basis, as was the intended aim. Unfortunately outside issues have prevented me from updating the blog as often as I would like, however this should be changing shortly.

Secondly, an outline of the plan for at least the near future, and a new posting schedule. From now on, the blog will run on a four week rotation, as outlined here:

  • Week one – A general article, similar to the previous blog posts, about comic history and cultural impact.
  • Week two – Heroic origins. This will be a discussion of either origin stories for heroes, or a factfile about some of their prominent storylines/plotpoints. As this continues it may return to the same heroes for a review of later events for the character.
  • Week three – Comic couples. These posts will relate to couples inside of comics, whether romantic relationships, friend or foe links or a common team up, and will see what has impacted the relationships between these characters.
  • Week four – Villain spotlight, which will work similarly to the hero articles, however focus on the villains in comics, who are often more complex than the heroes they battle.

Now, I would also like some feedback on these ideas, whether you, as readers, like this plan for the blog. I am also intending to alternate between Marvel and DC characters each rotation, but am aiming to make Weeks two and four from the same company, with Week three looking at the other. If you wish to give feedback on this, please contact the new email address for the blog:

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