New Year, a new plan

Hello to all readers of the Superhero Subculture blog.

I’m sorry that activity in late November and through December has been virtually non-existent, but I have been rather busy outside of blog work and have not been able to find the time to update the page. However, I would like to reassure you the blog will still be active, and to explain the plan for the upcoming year as this one comes to a close.

I am aiming to return to the one post-per-week system, using the same ordering as before. This means that in the first week of 2016 I will be uploading a new Comic Culture post, and following this will be uploading a Heroic Origins, Comic Couples and Villain Spotlight. I will also be attempting to put up the intended Comic Couples and Villain Spotlight posts from December that would have followed on from Daredevil’s origins.

But I am also looking at branching out with the blog somewhat, and therefore am planning to introduce two more types of post, although these will not be on a regular update schedule. The first of these will be a simple review post, although this may focus on anything from films with cult following, classic or current comic books or comic book arcs, or even TV shows based on comics or again with a cult following. This will be launched in the New Year at some point with an intent to write reviews on Star Wars Episode VII (spoiler free of course), and on the comic arc ‘Fear Itself’.

The second of these new posts is something I am intending to call ‘Fandom Focus’, which will look at fandoms that exist outside of the comic book arena, but have still had a significant impact upon culture. This will include subjects such as Star Wars, Supernatural, Sherlock and many more.

I hope the New Year treats you well, and I will leave this post with the message to keep your eyes peeled for news and updates on this blog, including a potential change to the current page address.

Happy New Year!

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