Review: Moon #5 by Beyond the Bunker

Moon #5 Swimsuit
Moon #5 Swimsuit Edition, art credit Steve Penfold and Beyond the Bunker Comics

On my return to MCM London this year, I stopped by the comic village once again to pick up some new independent comics from UK creators. Luckily for me, Beyond the Bunker had just released the latest issue of their fantastic series Moon. After having read issues 1 through 4 in a single weekend last year, I couldn’t pass up on the opportunity to delve back into the world of the mute human with the moon for a head, and his partner Shades, as they attempt to stop criminals and their bizarre plans.

This issue starts by back-tracking somewhat to explain part of the cliff-hanger from issue 4 (no spoilers here), and explores the past lives of Moon through the ages since he was first mistakenly summoned by drunken Celts attempting to summon the Goddess of the Moon. This section of the comic is full of fantastic art and some great references to some historical events that Moon has managed to find himself involved in through the years. We then return to the modern day, and follow Moon and Shades as they work to prevent the plan of the current arc’s villains.

Dan Thompson continues to develop his wacky, insane storyline in brilliant fashion, while also continuing the sense of humour that has made Moon such a brilliant comic, with a nice Die Hard reference thrown into the middle of a dangerous situation for our heroes. The development of Moon’s abilities also continues through this issue. Previously we have seen some clever use of Moon’s skills, including the fact that on a night he must return to the sky, but the latest idea shows the inventiveness of Dan Thompson’s writing and the creativeness of Steve Penfold and Ivanna Matilla in bringing these ideas to life on the page.

Once again, the artwork for the issue is incredible. Steve Penfold’s artwork is stunning, and made more fantastic by Ivanna Matilla’s colours. The shading in this issue adds a nice sense of foreboding to some of the sequences, while also providing a more realistic edge to the look of the comic (well, as real as a comic about the adventures of a man with the moon for his head can look). Equally, the conclusion to this issue, featuring a fantastic panel with Moon, Shades and the Chief gear up for the showdown that is promised for the next issue, is one of the best looking final panels I have seen in a comic for some time.

Issue 5 also comes, for a limited time, with Beyond the Bunker’s own homage to the swimsuit edition covers of many comic book publishers. Featuring several the main characters in a range of swimwear, and a series of images that show the insane nature of events that can be found in the Moon series, this cover is a brilliant example of everything that has made Moon such a good series. Personally, I can’t wait for Issue 6 and the conclusion of Moon’s first arc, but also the development of new Beyond the Bunker titles. Issue 5 is possibly the best issue of this series so far, so I can’t wait to see what is in store for Issue 6.

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